The Star Thursday March 31, 2011

Muslims urged to stay united

Special officer to Mentri Besar for the Maharani constituency Datuk Mohd Ismail Mohd Shah said they should not divide Muslims with political ideologies.
He said Muslims in the country should be united as they all believed in God and practiced the same values and teaching as required by the Quran.
“We may have different political ideologies, but when it comes to Islam, we are all brothers.
“We call on all Muslim community leaders, especially religious teachers and politicians to spread the true values of Islam,” he said when opening a Maulidur Rasul night at Masjid Al-Hikmah in Kampung Parit Kadhi here recently.
Mohd Ismail added that it was important for these leaders to promote such understanding to ensure that the Muslim always remained united.
He said it would be dangerous if Muslims from one political party regarded their bretheren from rival parties as enemies although they lived in the same village and prayed in the same mosque.
Earlier, organising committee chairman Datuk Zulkhairi Ahmad thanked those who had contributed fund for the mosque to organise its Maulidur Rasul celebration,
He said the residents in Kampung Parit Kadhi were also fortunate to have the Pahang Religious Department deputy director Ustaz Badli Shah Allaudin to give a religious ceramah..
The Maulidur Rasul celebration was also attended by Maharani assemblyman Dr Mohammad Taslim.

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