“I’ve got time!” says Mr. Mohan in the Astro advert. Well, we all know that time is relative. Time seems to fly when you are having fun. Time stood still during rapturous moments like being lost in the cathartic frenzy of the dragon dance, or while adulating Roziah Latif on the Hargreaves Hall stage, or watching Sudin Husin’s graceful strides while he demolished national school records in the 800 and 1500 metres. But when we were in Form 1 in 1964, the 90 minute-Prep hours we had to endure in the evenings seemed like eternity.
Fast forward 43 years; memories of incidents during that first year when most of us got to know each other lingers on deeply etched into our collective psyche. The passage of time has not diminished the vividness of those memories and those of the subsequent years in College. It seemed like only yesterday . . .when we were first introduced to cheese and other exotic food like Matron’s apam or green soup; when a pre-pubescent Halili was introduced to the simple pleasure of a bar of soap by Muhammad Md Noh; when Rastam reintroduced his dislocated humerus back into the shoulder socket during a rugby game; when Bahad became an instant sensation by running a scorching 1st lap in the 800 metres, only to let everyone to overtake him in the 2nd lap; when Nora could disappear sound asleep underneath a well tucked bed-sheet during Saturday inspection.
Much have changed, much have remained the same. In terms of appearance time has been kind to some, not so kind to others. Due to some genetic aberration Ramli Kamaruddin has managed to remain obscenely young. The rest of us? Be content with being young at heart!
As far as careers are concerned, we all knew that KJ would make his mark in politics. He had all the right qualities and temperament and showed early signs of gravitating towards PAS—(he was secretary of BRU after all); but who would have predicted that Halili, Ramli Kari and Mohd. Taslim would turn out to become stalwarts of the Alternative Front.
All of us have had our shot at 15 minutes of fame or infamy. Some of course are more famous than the rest. Sudin who found fame early, now operates a nice restaurant which has become a convenient watering hole for us to partake in the simple joys of life namely to lepak in the company of friends. Salleh is a “turn around” maestro alleged by some to be the brain behind some of the major efforts that took Malaysia out of the economic quagmire in the eighties. He was after all the proverbial all-rounder in College, excelling in the classroom, on the field and on stage. Multi-talented and bubbly Nik Azmi (Bul), is famous for just being “round”. Nik Azmi (Bilal) can manipulate all shapes—round, square and what have you into beautiful buildings. Sham “Astro Boy” who used to defy gravity in a soaring way (in the high jump), now designs soaring, huge, high-rise structures locally and internationally. We remember him as a good artist. The striking black & white spiral backdrop for the Fifth Form Union concert was his handiwork. Incidentally he has a huge cock . . .(I mean cockerel) painting on a wall of his splendid residence in Lembah Keramat. What Freudian secrets lie beneath the layers of paint . . . ? You will have to ask Hatta Shahrom our resident psychoanalyst.
Halili became famous as the surgeon who operated on Zaiton Sameon’s brain. Fadzillah, a fan of Zaiton Sameon’s, now operates a motivational camp. His early aspiration of becoming a singer was thwarted by failing to get past the early rounds of Bakat TV, but is now singing all the way to the bank with proceeds from tapes and CDs which have probably outsold any of Zaiton Sameon’s top hits. Hishamuddin Rais continues to be controversial and provocative. Zulkifli Ali predates everyone by being featured on the front page of Straits Times in 1967 as the “Brave Kifli” who conquered Kinabalu. Perhaps to the chagrin of Mahadzir, Ramli and Dzul Razak ….who did not get quite the same media attention. Dzul of course is now a famous columnist who moonlights as a Vice Chancellor in the North, sometimes in friendly competition with his namesake the other Zul, a Vice Chancellor in the South. I am not sure what Mahadzir is famous for! I’m told that he was involved in some major way in the creation of the exceptionally beautiful Universiti Petronas campus.
Fame usually brings recognition. If you were to toss a stone into a crowd of MCOB 68/70 the chances of it hitting the head of a Datuk, Dato’ or Tan Sri is at least what? Ten percent? The rest of us who are not so fortunate will have to be content with the datukships conferred upon us by our grandchildren. Which brings me to the last remaining bachelors—time is fast running out for you to catch-up on the enterprise of raising grandchildren, given that you’ll need to have children first. But never fear, if the need arises Attiya will always find the time to prescribe the right dosage of Viagra or Cialis which you can procure from Effendy at an attractive discount. If you’re still not up to the mark then the person you should see is Mahmud Awang Kechik. Robert Mugabe, no less, can attest to the efficacy of his handiwork. And to help you maintain your virility, why not see the other Mahmud, also a doctor, (though not of medicine) for some colostrum. By the way, whatever happened to Mahmud Mohammad?
I should stop now, lest I get carried away and start to delve into matters that might ruin my reputation as a morally upright, clean-minded educationist: such as revealing some raunchy stuff as witnessed by the likes of Makata and Mahmud Awang Kechik on a certain night across the Prep School field, between January and December 1970.
Before I end let me on behalf of everyone thank some important people who have been instrumental in bringing us together as a group. Kamal Yeop, (and Hani of course) thank you for your many initiatives and tireless efforts and deftness in typing SMSs. I know you will not rest until everyone is accounted for. Much thanks and appreciation to Makata for his generosity and warmth. Also to Mohammad Md Noh, Haron Baba, Sanusi, Kadir, Dzul Razak, Mokhtar, Kayu, Hayan, Ahmad Mohd Nor, Domei and Rosdi who in one way or another have contributed to the group. Thank you too to Rastam for consenting to become our President.
So my dear brothers, Membas, Ulars, etc. do find some time to drop in at this address to catch-up on the latest developments, share some juicy gossip, and engage in some cerebral exchanges on serious topics like global warming or goat farming. You’ve got time!

Have a good time!

Shahril @ Bob Petabi

Demi masa! Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian. Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan melakukan Amal Salih. Dan mereka pula bermuafakat bersama-sama dalam saling memberi pengajaran tentang Kebenaran dan Kesabaran.
(p.s. Forgive me if some of the names are not spelt correctly. I don’t have access to the complete official list.)



1. Sudin Hussin = Shamsudin Hussian,Malaysian athlete,now restaurant owner
2. Halili = Dr Halili Rahmat a Neurosurgeon who operated on singer Zaiton Sameon also a PKR candidate in 1999 election
3. Rastam = Tan Sri Rastam Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Luar Negeri Malaysia
4. Ramli Kari = Mantan YB Senggarang Dr Mohd Ramli Kari
5. Mohd Taslim = YB Dr Mohammad Taslim,ADUN Maharani
6. Nik Azmi (Bilal), a successful Architect
7. Nik Azmi (Bul) , a corporate figure
8. Hatta Shahrom + Prof Mohd Hatta Shaharom ,Psychiatrist
9. Fadizallah = Datuk Dr Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah,MalaysianForemost Motivator
10. Hishamuddin Rais ,renowned social activist
11. Dzul Razak = Datuk Dzulkifli Abd Razak, a University Vice Chancellor
12.the other Zul = Tan Sri Zulkifli Ghazali, mantan University Teknologi Malaysia Vice Chancellor
13. Mahmud Awang Kechik,a Urologist in KL,a personal Urologist of President of Uganda,Mugabe
14. Makata = Mantan Ahli Parlimen,Mokhtarudin Yusof
15. Kamal Yeop our linkman
16. Shahril = Shahril Karib,our Headboy
17. KJ = Datuk Kamarudin Jaafar,former Setiausaha Agong PAS Malaysia

and many many others not mentioned above including:
18. Datuk Salehuddin Hashim,Setiausaha Agong PKR Malaysia.
19. Datuk Hashim Othman ,a businessman
20. Prof  Dr Mohd Arif Said,academician at UPM
21. Datuk Wan Mohamad Embong,a corporate figure
22. Doctors: Dr Wan AAsim, Dr Tahir Naib,Dr Sharifuddin Othman,Dr Attiya
23. Zainuddin Chepo of Pengkalan Chepa , a geologist

Gambar2 pada 180807
MCOBA 6870 (MalayCollege Class of 1968/70) and wives at the wedding of 
Khairuddin's daughter

Our wives at MCOBA 6870's 40 Years  Reunion Dinner on 21 December 2008

Must view: another MCOBA 6870's group photo at the wedding of Tan Sri Rastam's daughter: 

Dr Mohammad Taslim and wife,Puan Rubiah Raffee, with Sdr Abdul Rahim,
our long lost classmate at the wedding of the daughter of Tan Sri Prof Dr Zulkifli Ghazali,
the former Vice Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

40th Anniversary Union of Class 68/70 MCKK

 Wives of MCOBA 68/70.
Puan Rubiah Raffee (wife of Dr Mohammad)
is on the left,second row.