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Mansoura University,Egypt
CONGRATULATIONS Mohammad Syakirin  (Dr Mohammad Taslim's youngest kid) for being admitted to the Faculty of Medicine Mansoura University Egypt.Here's  your opportunity to prove your worth.By now you're already there tasting a dose of Egyption culture,food and environment.Not to worry, you have hundreds of Malaysians over there.We are praying for your success.Nothing is easy but with doa n hard work insyaAllah everything will be made easy for you.

Syak is're not alone
  With a group of 122 Malaysian Students (doing Medicine,Dentistry and Pharmacy at the same University, under  Global Medic Network) Mohd Syakirin recently flew to Egypt  by  MAS via KLIA.Family,friends and classmates were there to give moral support.There are another 200 odd students due to board the next day's flight,all of them are private students joining professional courses in Egypt.
Here're some shots taken at his auntie's house at  Mutiara Bangi  n KlIA:

Oh,it's mama's  n ayah's early birthday celebration before Syak flies off..
Welcome To Medic's World Syak !
Cake courtesy of his sis Zahirah n bro Azhar...

Syakirin with sis Zahirah n bro Azhar - departing shot at Bangi

'Keep In Touch,'  that's their promise.Rugby buddy of SBPIntegrasi,Rawang
All in the Family before depature

All the best.Make sure everybody pass with flying colours!

 Kenang-kenangan...Ini kaki Syak yang patah masa main rugby..
Dah masuk besi... Cita-cita nak jadi Orthopaedic Surgeon !

With ayah,mama n SBPI Rawang Rugby Gang

 You're always in my mind guys altho some of u will stay 
in Malaysia,some will be flying off to Japan,Canada....

 What happened Syak? Oh...accident at Jementah
a few days before his flight.Takaful has to fork out RM8000.00 plus
n ayah has to pay RM150.00 summon !!