Saturday August 21, 2010

Making Muar a Clean District


Here you go: Mislan (right) putting a vest on Mentri Besar’s special officer to Sungai Abong Datuk Dr Haris Salleh at the launch

Launching a programme called Muar Daerahku, Bersih Idamanku at Tanjung Ketapang the District officer,En. Mislan Karmani said:
“When one is booked and fined, he or she will remember not to throw rubbish in the town again,” he said after launching a programme called Muar Daerahku, Bersih Idamanku at Tanjung Ketapang.
Mislan said the programme was aimed at making Muar the cleanest district in the state and he urged all department heads, civil servants, teachers, students, housing scheme residents and villagers to collect garbage in their areas.

He said he would pick up any rubbish along the road and urged the people to do the same, adding it was not difficult to make Muar a clean district.
Citing an example, the district officer said there were about 1,000 people, including department heads, civil servants and students attending the launch and if each one of them could pick one kilogramme of garbage, they would have easily cleaned up 1,000kg of rubbish.

Mislan said all mukim or areas in Muar had began a two-week garbage cleaning campaign and it was the first time that all departments, villages, residential schemes and towns in the district had organised a cleaning programme simultaneously.

“We have also placed garbage bins and designated garbage dumping spots at many places in and around the town and I want the people to utilise them,” he said.


Program "Muar Daerahku, Bersih Idamanku
telah dilancarkankan pada pagi hari Sabtu 17 Julai 2010  di Tanjung Ketapang, Muar (bersebelahan kediaman rasmi Pegawai Daerah Muar)


Today,Thursday September 2, 2010, I have the opportunity to drive around Muar town to see how effective is this campaign 'Muar Daerahku, Bersih Idamanku'.

This billboard is posted infront of Dewan Jubli Intan Muar
 I happen to have a house call at Lorong Dato Haji Sairan Sabtu this afternoon.I was greeted by this sight at the entrance to this Lorong.A convenient way to dispose of your garbage.......

Let's move around town and have a look at the road junctions.Those living down the road conveniently throw their rubbush here.Quit nice bungalows here.

Which road junction is this? Let's have a closer look......

Oh,Lorong Haji Ali at Jalan Abdul Rahman !

Another road junction.............Well,not much rubbish you say? Wait till tomorrow,it will swell......

Well,this junction is at Jalan Parit Haji Baki.
Let's have a closer look at the sign board further up.....

'Dilarang membuang sampah.Denda....' Who cares? As though it's a convenient place for you to throw your rubbish !

This is at Lorong Penambang/Jalan Khalidi junction,right in the town area..................

Thank you MPM.You have got the answer.Nice and clean.We need your coperation Muarians !

At another road junction : OOps...what happened ??? There is a big bin but why didn't you throw your rubbish right inside it? I hope that motorcycle is not about to throw something somewhere.

Two photos of their kind.....trees are bearing rubbish instead of fruits in Muar....

Rubbish is everywhere, even in front of  your  house ? :(  :(  ;(

So Muarians, wake up, keep Muar clean,keep healthy.............................