Muar, Selasa 22 Jun 2010:

HARI  INI rakyat Muar berkabong sempena kematian mendiang Cikgu Wee Seng Hock dan 4 orang ahli keluarga akibat kemalangan jalan raya di KM 87 Jalan Kuantan Segamat pada hari Khamis lalu.Mendiang Cikgu Wee adalah Penolong Kanan Sekolah Menengah St Andrew Muar dan pernah mengajar di Sekolah Tengku Mahkota Muar.
Ketiga -tiga ADUN Pakatan Rakyat DUN Maharanai (YB Dr Mohammad Taslim), DUN Sungai Abong
(YB Dr Sheikh Ibrahim Salleh) dan DUN Bentayan (YB Gwee Tong Hiang) bersama-sama memberi penghormatan terakhir di Gereja 'Church of Living Water'  Jalan Salleh Muar..Mereka diiringi oleh YDP PAS Muar (Ustaz Abu Bakar Mohd Lajat) dan ahli-ahli jawatankuasanya,Ketua PKR Cabang Muar (Sdr Yatin Sarpan) dan ahli-ahli jawatankuasanya dan AJK PAS Bakri dan DAP Bakri.

Kain rentang mengenang Mr Wee

 Ustaz Abu Bakar,YB Dr Mohammad,YB Gwee,YB Dr Sheikh Ibrahim dan Sdr Yatin serta AJK PAS dan  PKR di hari pengkebumian.

YB Dr Mohammad bertemu rakan lama

YB Dr Mohammad,YB Gwee dan Cikgu Abd Rahman sama memberi penghormatan.
Di belakang Sdr Ong,rakan lama Dr Mohammad ketika bertugas di A&E Hospital KL.

Rakan dan kenalan memberi penghormatan terakhir.

'Church of Living Water' Jalan Salleh Muar

Jun 18, 2010

5 in family killed in crash

Lives cut short: Wee who died in the accident seen here with (front row from left), Joash (died), Chew (injured), Josiah (injured), (back row from left) eldest child Joy (in the UK), Jelyn (died), Jemima (injured) and Jessin (died). -- PHOTO: THE STAR


PEKAN - FIVE family members were killed in an accident in Malaysia, 10 km away from where a family of six were killed last Monday.
This time, a father, his three children and mother-in-law died when their multi-purpose vehicle collided with a trailer at Km87, Jalan Kuantan-Segamat, on Thursday. The dead were identified as Roland Wee Seng Hock, 53, son Joash, 23, daughters Jessin, 18, and Jelyn, 15, and Lim Kim Boon, 79.
Wee's wife and another two children have been admitted to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital in Kuantan. Pekan deputy OCPD Deputy Superintendent Amran Sidek said the injured were Chew Chin Loi, 54, Jemima, 17, and Josiah, 13, from Muar, Johor.
DSP Amran said the MPV was driven by Wee, a senior assistant in a secondary school in Muar, and that the family were on their way home after visiting family members in Kuantan.
'Initial investigations reveal that the vehicle collided with the oncoming trailer, which was overtaking another vehicle,' he said. 'Police believe the 55-year-old trailer driver was driving recklessly.'
DSP Amran said that Wee, Lim, Joash and Jelyn died on the spot while Jessin died while being treated for head injuries at the Muadzam Shah Hospital. The trailer driver had only minor injuries.
Last Monday, Norfaizah Mansor, her four children and brother were killed when their car collided with an oncoming trailer. Norfaizah was overtaking another vehicle. - THE STAR

source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/SEAsia/Story/STIStory_542210.html

Wee's nephew, who wanted to be known only as Chew, said that the victims left his house early yesterday after spending four days in Kuantan.
"I was still asleep when they left and was shocked when police informed me that they were involved in an accident," said Chew when contacted yesterday.
He said Wee has another daughter, Joy, 21, who is studying in the United Kingdom.
Wee was the senior principal assistant at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Saint Andrew in Muar.
It is learnt that their relatives will claim their bodies today.
District deputy police chief Deputy Superintendent Amran Sidek said the incident happened when the lorry driver was trying to overtake another vehicle at a doubled-lane stretch.
The lorry, which was not carrying any cargo, skidded into the opposite lane before crashing into Wee's vehicle and pinning it.
Firemen took an hour to extricate the victims.

source: http://findarticles.com/p/news-articles/new-straits-times/mi_8016/is_20100618/5-family-members-die-crash/ai_n54102132/