Imbas Kembali Program Bantuan Persekolah DUN Maharani tahun 2009

PAS helps poor schoolchildren in Muar

MUAR: Several students from poor families in the Maharani state constituency here received school aid totalling about RM15,000 from Muar PAS.
The cash aid for shoes and school uniforms was presented by party leaders, including Maharani assemblyman Dr Mohammed Taslim and PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa to 219 students recently.
Dr Mohammed said the programme was aimed at easing the financial burden faced by poor families with school-going children during the 2009 school season.

Timely help: Husam (left) and Dr Mohammed (centre) presenting school aid to student Tee Cheng Wai in Parit Bakar, Muar, recently.
“The party decided to provide aid to the poor families before the start of the school season and launched donation drives.
“We received contributions from party leaders and individuals as well as the PAS newspaper Harakah,” he said after presenting the aid with Husam in Parit Bakar here recently.
Dr Mohammed said, although he was the assemblyman for Maharani, the party presented similar aid to students in Sungai Balang constituency.
He said the aid was in line with the party’s election manifesto which called for a welfare state giving priority to helping the poor regardless of race and religion.
He said, although the bulk of the recipients were Malays, children from nine Chinese and one Indian families received the aid.
He said the party had set up a service centre in Parit Bakar and urged residents to visit the centre if they had problems.
“We have several staff members manning the centre. Residents can also visit me at my clinic in Muar town, he added.