Crowds Throng PAS Rep’s CNY Open House

Tuesday February 17, 2009

Crowds throng PAS rep’s CNY open house

MUAR: Residents in the Maharani state constituency here were delighted to see their representative from PAS, Dr Mohammed Taslim, hosting a Chinese New Year open house.

For a simple meal of mee curry, mee hoon, cookies, refreshments and mandarin oranges, they thronged the open house in Parit Bakar recently.

Trader Latip Talip said that times had changed as the people, especially the villagers, no longer felt afraid of attending functions organised by opposition parties.

The villagers were open-minded about politics and don’t simply avoid functions hosted by PAS or DAP.

Dr Mohammed said he was glad that Chinese, Malays, Indians and even foreign workers living nearby enjoyed the food at his open house.

Source from: The Star Metro

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