MAJLIS PERASMIAN KOTA ISKANDAR (Pusat Pentadbiran Baru Negeri Johor)

We were not invited, say DAP men

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JOHOR BARU: State DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau yesterday claimed that the party's elected representatives decided not to attend the opening of the new state administrative centre, Kota Iskandar, because they did not receive any official invitation.

The State Secretariat, however, said the invitation cards were sent to all the state's assemblymen, members of parliament and senators on April 3.

DAP's MP for Bakri Er Teck Hwa confirmed that he had received an invitation to attend the function.

"Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the function as I had another matter."

The other DAP elected representatives are assemblymen Wee Tong Hiang (Bentayan), Ong Kow Meng (Senai) and Ng Lam Hua (Mengkibol).

Pas assemblymen Dr Mohamad Taslim (Maharani) and Dr Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Salleh (Sungai Abong) attended the function.